[Standards-JIG] UPDATED: JEP-0030 (Service Discovery)

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Tue Mar 16 16:39:26 UTC 2004

Richard, I think I understand, and agree strongly, with what Disco is
intended to solve.

> he was not suggesting eliminating the disco#info requests entirely

Nor was I. I simply suggested an *optional* extension for JEP writers.
disco#info would never be optional.

> I suggest you... use jabber:iq:browse

Most JEPs only support Disco. ;)

Of course we don't want two discovery methods. I was just offering a humble
solution to a weakness of JEP-0030 that I perceive (and Jacek touched on).
i.e. that Disco scales very badly when the client requires just a little
piece of information about hundreds or thousands of items. I would not
advocate that JEP writers allow the 'verbose' option in other circumstances.

I *honestly* bow to your superior experience (and that of many other people
on this list). But I obviously still don't understand the serious harm in my
suggestion... So thank you in advance for your patience. ;)



> On Monday Jacek wrote:
> > When we have no information in disco#items result but the JID/node, that
> > we need in most cases query all of the nodes with disco#info - making
> > a lot of unneccessary trafic. When the name is given, than user can
> > choose element he wants to know something more about. IMHO 'name'
> > attribute should stay.
> I strongly agree with both these ideas. :)
> IMHO each disco#items request should be able to indicate the level of
> it requires in the results. The default level (for 'ignorant' clients)
> be just the JID (no name). The 'verbose' level would include the name and
> any other information that differentiates the service (e.g. the number of
> occupants in a MUC room). This would allow 'knowledgable' clients to avoid
> unneccessary traffic, latency and complexity.

That is not what he meant at all, again you seem to have misunderstood what
Disco is and what it is intended to solve, he was not suggesting eliminating
the disco#info requests entirely, I suggest you read the JEP again, what you
suggest is basically a big step backwards to the way "jabber:iq:browse"
works, I suggest you either use disco properly or use jabber:iq:browse as
that seems to be what you seem to want.


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