[Standards-JIG] SIP functionality and XMPP

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Tue Mar 16 19:33:31 UTC 2004

Damon Lanphear wrote:

>I'm just getting caught up on the list discussion of IETF multimedia
>protocol convergence under XMPP.  It seems that there is some momentum
>to develop an umbrella specification that encapsulates the IETF MMUSIC
>suite in a "jabber friendly" protocol framework.  Frankly, I don't
>totally grok the scope of the current approach.  Is it that all
>functionality of SIP will be inherited by SIP-XML?
>If that is the case, then I think this is mistake.  Its already been
>mentioned on the list that SIP has industry acceptance and increasingly
>broad deployment.  More importantly, is that SIP is sufficiently generic
>to create a complex feature set that is difficult to represent cleanly,
>and implement correctly.  In other words, a LOT of work of has gone into
>SIP.  In this respect, re-inventing the wheel to make SIP concepts play
>nice in jabberland is falsely attractive.
>I propose that we think first about what sort of high level functional
>semantics we want to support.  Then we define a mapping for those
>semantics to the *existing* protocol suite. Finally we develop an
>"jabber-friendly" protocol spec that articulates this mapping.  The
>envisioned deployment is that existing RTSP/SIP/SDP implementations can
>be extended to listen for and translate XMPP-media protocol messages to
>RTSP/SIP requests and calls.
>A model just like this was employed by IETF's MEGACO. MEGACO basically
>provides a translation service for driving media gateways on the
>boundary between VoIP and conventional telephony networks. Of course,
>MEGACO is not of use to us other than as a protocol example of how
>existing communications technologies can be bridged to emerging ones.
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To support this discussion i have already started a jep which hopefully 
just needs some fleshing out with xmpp commands.
The url is http://avtaskforce.jabberstudio.org/jep01xx.html

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