[Standards-JIG] jep-0025

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Mar 25 09:31:25 UTC 2004

JEP-124 is being designed for clients with special HTTP connection needs. At
the start of April I'll be working with Peter Saint-Andre on a new version
with several important enhancements.

> sers MAY send header with "Accept:"  field for set field "Content-Type:"
> its need for any proxy&gates (sauch as WAP)

I like this idea very much. Perhaps it should be incorporated into JEP-124.

The Accept header would have to specify exactly one content type. Does that
apply in the cases you are dealing with?

> Guarantee delivery. When connection break (not correctly
> closed) , messages which have been sent disappear ...

The next update to JEP-124 will 'guarantee' delivery. Every request has a
sequencial ID. If the client doesn't receive a response it may resend the
request. When the server receives the second request, if it has already
responded then it repeats the same response. Otherwise it just handles the
request normally.

If the client is using more than one HTTP connection at the same time, then
the message IDs also enable the server to process requests in-order.

If the client can use two (or more) connections at the same time, then there
is no need for polling.

> If server have timeout for "cookieid" user, all messages down to
> spool... (spool is created for those at whom session is not closed)

Once a client times out (e.g. after a minute or two) then the server should
signal the user as unavailable and close the stream.

> + all messages was delivery when user logon after break simple
> for realization.

I think XMPP offline messages already solve this.

- Ian

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