network integrity (was Re: [[Standards-JIG] jep-0025])

maqi at maqi at
Fri Mar 26 13:18:07 UTC 2004

On Thu, 25 Mar 2004, Justin Karneges wrote:

>> It's pretty simple to solve this even for standard TCP connections. The
>> server should keep a list of messages that gets cleared everytime the
>> clients sends some data or gracefully logs off. In case of a broken
>> connection, the messages should get stored as offline messages on the
>> server.
>> This does not need any extensions to JEP-25 and would help the people on
>> standard XMPP TCP connections, too.
> I, too, would really like to see this in XMPP TCP.  I discussed this in
> December:
> The TCP queue tracking is an interesting solution, although it does not work
> if a proxy is involved.  I think we might want some form of c2s stanza
> acking.  Maybe this could be another <stream:feature>.

What would be the benefits to the approach I described? AFAICS c2s stanza
acking would require client support and increases traffic. TCP queue
tracking is platform dependent.

I'd really like to hear what potential problems there are with the
proposed solution. As far as I can see, in jabberd14 this would only
require something like mod_message (storing messages) and some simple
internal communication protocol between mod_message, mod_presence, and

I forgot to mention why this is important even for TCP: Currently, if a
c2s connection breaks, the user's presence stays "online" for some time.
Every message sent to the user in this time gets lost.


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