[Standards-JIG] Re: [Members] Re: MOTION: JEP-0106 (JID Escaping)

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Mar 30 15:21:10 UTC 2004

> > using a standard escaping mechanism
> > allows you do decode the addresses in a reliable way so when users look
> > at
> > the properties of a transport user it will show user at hotmail.com rather
> > than
> > a rather complicated and confusing user%40hotmail.com at msn.domain.com,
> > talking with novice users who I get to take a look at Jabber this is
> > definately a point of confusion that using escaping can eliminate.
> Why would the user have to look at the JID to find this out?
> user at 40hotmail.com@msn.domain.com is still almost (if not more) as
> confusing as user%40hotmail.com at msn.domain.com for a novice user.

You dont seem to have read what I said properly, I didnt say that it would
be represented as user at 40hotmail.com@msn.domain.com in the interface once
decoded, you would decode it as user at hotmail.com from the JID of
user%40hotmail.com at msn.domain.com, and only display user at hotmail.com as the
ID (and maybe a helpful bit of text saying that it is on the msn.domain.com

> And the
> user still won't be able to send an MSN contact to another jabber user,
> unless that user uses the same MSN transport.

They will once it is decoded as I describe above, all you need is an
extension to the jabber:x:roster to support sending non JID transport
contacts i.e. user at hotmail.com.

> It also doesn't solve that
> we still don't have a good mechanism in use to represent the MSN contact
> to the user the way (s)he is used to it, the nickname chosen by that user.

I already solved that above ;)

> The problem involves more than illegal characters in a JID (for wich JID
> escaping could be a solution)


> , it's based on the fact that some of your
> contacts are not on the jabber network but another network.


> Though
> jabber:iq:gateway doesn't solve much more than JID escaping, at least it
> starts of on the right foot by recognizing that fact.

Well JID escaping allows you to decode and encode the transport address, but
jabber:iq:gateway only allows encoding transport JID's it doesnt support
decoding (according to the only docs that I could find), so JID escaping
does offer far more than bog standard jabber:iq:gateway and also has the
benefit of no delays/latence or unnecessary bandwidth use as there is no
need to use any wire protocol.


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