[Standards-JIG] Re: [Members] Re: MOTION: JEP-0106 (JID Escap ing)

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Wed Mar 31 16:13:48 UTC 2004

> Well you need to think about it more, when a client queries 
> their server for the list of services it provides (disco / 
> browse / agents) it will detect the available transports and 
> if one of the transports is say msn.domain.com and it can 
> detect that it is an msn transport the client then knows that 
> any contacts with a domain of msn.domain.com are msn 
> transport contacts, it can then do the transport JID decoding 
> and put in the helpful stuff I decribed above, so see it can 
> work in an easy and generic way.

People use gateways on non-local servers.  Disco/agents/browse don't help.

> Ah I see what you mean now, that can be easily solved too, 
> you just disco the MSN contacts when they come online to get 
> their current name and then update your roster if the name is 
> different. Also longer term as this is a general problem with 
> Jabber in that you have no way of notifying your contacts 
> that you have changed your nickname we might want to develop 
> a pubsub mechanism to let people subscribe to your nickname 
> and receive immediate updates when you change it.

Please, no.  If you must do this sort of thing, it is what JEP-0115 was
designed for.  We certainly don't need more c2c queries happening at every
login, like some older versions of Psi still in the wild do.

Joe Hildebrand

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