[Standards-JIG] JEP for storing annotations

Trejkaz Xaoza trejkaz at xaoza.net
Sun Oct 3 10:30:10 UTC 2004

On Fri, 1 Oct 2004 19:28, you wrote:
> > Another thought... we're really talking about a metadata overlay here,
> > where information from the user overlays the information from the actual
> > entity. Whatever we do here might be good to plan for being more than
> > simple strings.
> I'd like to call it more a supplement then an overlay. Could you show an
> example for a use case you're thinking about?

An example taken from real life in a PIM app: someone sends you their vCard, 
but you later discover their phone number is wrong.  You update the PIM app 
to reflect the new number.

Now, in a Jabber app, you might want to do the same thing.  The client can 
easily give a user interface to edit the fields, but where would the result 
be stored?  The JEP allowing you to add notes is basically giving the local 
user the ability to add to the "description" field of the remote user, by way 
of an overlay (whether the overlay be one which replaces the complete value, 
or one which simply appends to it.)

vCard is probably a bit stale as an example though.  I imagine that whatever 
metadata system we end up with could use this kind of feature to overlay data 
over what the other user has given.


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