[Standards-JIG] Re: JEP-45 MUC - small issues

Gaston Dombiak dombiak_gaston at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 4 17:57:45 UTC 2004


> > 2. Registering with a room: What happens if the IQ (set) packet does not
> > include a form?
> > My decision was to return a BAD_REQUEST error if the user tries to
> > with a room but the IQ packet does not include a form.
> Correct.
> Also, if the user is already registered, the room should return an IQ
> result with an empty <register/> element as described in JEP-0077.

Good point. I missed that requirement. I'll add it for the next release.

> Yes, I clarified this in my working copy, which I will release in the
> next few days.

Cool. I'm waiting for the next release of the JEP. :)


  -- Gato

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