[Standards-JIG] reliabilty of sending data revisited

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Tue Oct 12 19:36:08 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 12 October 2004 11:58 am, Tijl Houtbeckers wrote:
> I assume you mean JEP-22 instead of 12. I've read JEP-79 a few more times
> when it was in last call, and it doesn't seem to me like it's meant to
> provide delivery notifications.

Actually, it does.  You can use the notify action (Section 3.4.3) with the 
deliver condition (3.5.1).

> What I think would be usefull start is a hop-to-hop mechanism like JEP-ACK
> (securing every stanza) and a new AMP delivery condition that will notify
> you / give an error when your message is routed onto a path with no
> JEP-ACK availiable and one for when delivery fails.

Yes, JEP-Ack will make AMP more effective.

However, having a "require Ack" AMP condition seems like it might be overkill, 
since the client isn't supposed to care about how things work beyond the 
first hop.  But it might be worth discussing more later.

In any case, I'll re-push JEP-Ack to the council soon.



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