[Standards-JIG] JEP-0136: Message Archiving

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Thu Oct 14 13:36:09 UTC 2004

It's really great that there is a JEP for Message Archiving, I'm 
currently in the process of moving all history of my clients 
installations (4 in active use) to my server because I constantly need 
parts from discussions that are on another PC. It would be great if 
there would be a standard way to retrieve these messages from within my 
client. IMO JEP-0136 is a nice start for this but I have some comments.

I'm currently in a project where we are making a homedevice (kind of 
tablet PC) and a mobile client (SonyEricsson P800) that can communicate 
with each other through Jabber. This project is for a large part about 
keeping family members (who all have a P800 in this project) in touch, 
mainly by sending photo's (made by the P800) to each other and the home 

Because the P800 is sort of limited it would be nice if it could use a 
message archive on the server, like with JEP-0136, but at the moment 
JEP-0136 seems to have some limitations.

First of all it seems to me that the client has to store every message 
explicitly on the server. This is not really an option on a mobile 
device because of the doubling of bandwidth costs, it's also pretty 
inefficient. For my account I would just like to save everything that 
goes through my JID, independent on what client I'm using or whom I'm 
talking to.

Furthermore it's only possible to retrieve all 'collections' between two 
specific dates. Most of the time when I'm searching for something in my 
history then I'm only interested in my the messages that I've 
send/received to/from a specific JID. Same thing when I want to fill a 
history pane in a chat window, then I want only messages to/from one 
specific JID. Besides that I'm not really interested in dates, I'd 
rather retrieve the last 20 messages.

The JEP also doesn't specify how a message/collection should be deleted 
or updated, it does state that removing/updating of items is possible :)

Of course it would also be really great if it would be possible to 
search the message archives. This way you don't have to download lots 
and lots of messages just to find one of them.

Another option would be keeping the query stuff really basic and adding 
a way to aks the archive for an URL where a user can query/view his/her 
archive. That would keep the Jabber protocol clean and mean while 
allowing developers a lot of freedom in designing nice query possibilities.

Something else; I guess most public and ISP servers are going to limit 
the space you can use for your archive. It would be nice if a client 
could figure out how much space there is left or if the archive could 
warn the user of problems.

Anyway, just some thoughts before I'm going to implement something based 
on JEP-0136 ;)


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