[Standards-JIG] Groupchat using original jid's

Jens Mikkelsen gyldenskjold at mail.dk
Mon Oct 25 19:27:45 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 20:54, Rachel Blackman wrote:
> > Is there a standard for groupchat, where the group isn't administrated
> > by the server or where the original jids are used?
> MU-C in a non-anonymous room includes the real JIDs in the presence 
> packets.  It is therefore possible to map the room-resource format 
> nicknames to the real JID.

Hmmm... Ok. I haven't heard of the MU-C before. I have looked at
jep-0045. To me it seems, that the server administrates this group,
hence it could, if compromised, send the wrong JID's to the users.
Thereby I had to trust the server, to be sure to get the right JIDs,
What I was looking for, was something where the client was an
administrator and the server, was a dummy forwarding packages. Then I
could digatally sign the messages and the user JIDs. I hope I am making
my self clear.

Am I all wrong? Is there a standard supporting this?

Jens Mikkelsen <gyldenskjold at mail.dk>
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