[Standards-JIG] Re: Discovering of less concrete features

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Oct 25 23:11:23 UTC 2004

In article <20041018100631.GA8979 at hermes.muc.charente.de>,
 Matthias Wimmer <m at tthias.net> wrote:

> Hi list,
> maqi asked me today, if couldn't implement in jabberd14, that a user (or
> other server) could use discovery to detect server features like support
> for stringprep, s2s/c2s STARTTLS/SASL, IPv6.
> I am still not sure, if this is something, that is right for discovery
> (and if the Jabber registrar would have to register namespaces for
> that), but I also agree, that having a machine readable server
> information might be useful for generating lists like the public server
> list on www.jabber.org.
> What do others think about how should this be handled?

I think it would be good to have disco features for such items. For 
instance, at jabber.org we keep track of features such as port 5223 for 
client-to-server SSL. A full list is here:


Now, some of those features are internal (database storage) rather than 
external, but I think it would be good to have disco features for all of 
the externally-facing features (which would include things like IPv6). I 
need to update the jabber.org feature list anyway, so I could write up a 
more complete list of disco features and post them to standards-jig for 


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