[Standards-JIG] UPDATED: JEP-0118 (User Tune)

Chris Mullins cmullins at winfessor.com
Wed Oct 27 21:12:35 UTC 2004

Julian Missig  Wrote:
> So why exactly specify a length of "0" for a stream? It seems rather
> bizarre and would make more sense to me to just leave the <length>
> element out completely when length is unknown...

This has been one of the most troublesome areas of dealing with the XML that is XMPP for me. 
The nodes (and attributes) not being there, versus the node being there, with a value of "false", or "zero", has been problematic. It complicates server code, SDK code, and client code. 
Also, in certain stanzas, the different in behavior between
<iq />
<iq from=''/>
<iq from='me at me.com/>
is signifigant. This is not something I would continue to encourage in the protocol.  It's way too error prone. 
Chris Mullins

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