[Standards-JIG] Re: Discovering of less concrete features

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Oct 27 22:39:31 UTC 2004

I've reviewed the service discovery features registry [1] and compared 
it to the public servers list features [2] and server software features 
[3]. Two results:

1. I've updated the protocol namespaces registry to include the 
namespaces used in the XMPP RFCs:


This enables software to advertise that it supports things like TLS and 
SASL (since anything in the protocol namespaces registry can also be a 
service discovery feature).

2. This still leaves some non-namespace features off the list of 
discoverable features. As far as I can see, the following are most 
appropriate from the perspective of network communications:

- application supports IPv6
- application does client-to-server SSL (usually on port 5223)
- server performs offline message handling
- application supports DNS SRV lookups

The following may also be relevant:

- application supports Unicode characters in text, JIDs, etc.
- application adheres to nameprep
- application adheres to nodeprep
- application adheres to resourceprep
(or "stringprep" = application adheres to all three "preps")
- server performs message archiving

Any others?

Once we reach consensus on this list, I will add the items to the 
service discovery features registry.


[1] http://www.jabber.org/registrar/disco-features.html 
[2] http://www.jabber.org/user/publicservers.php
[3] http://www.jabber.org/software/serverfeatures.php

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