[Standards-JIG] QNEXT versus GAIM and JABBER and JetiAnts.tk

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Sun Oct 31 14:11:08 UTC 2004


Qnext all-in-one Messenger for Filesharing 


Qnext all-in-one Messenger for Filesharing

Future of Peer-to-Peer Communications & Sharing 

One powerful P2P software to communicate, share and interact with rich media with complete security and no restrictions on file size.

Universal Messenger 
(Chat with friends on Yahoo, AIM, MSN & ICQ!)
Voice over IP
Video Conferencing
Unlimited File Transfer
p2p File Sharing
Online Gaming
Group Text Chat
Advanced Photo Sharing
Remote PC Access

Our Universal Instant Messenger keeps you connected to all popular IM’s, you can also Talk Online anywhere around the world for free, host a live Video Conference or Transfer Files of any size with complete security.

But the closer you look, the better it gets. Qnext allows you to create private, shared environments called Zones where invite other users to securely share your content and online services. A Zone can contain exciting services such as File Sharing, Group Text Chat, Qnext Photo and Live Online Games. And this is just the beginning – Qnext will be offering many new services to enhance your online experience.

We have also included a powerful remote access service that gives you fast, easy and secure access to your computer from anywhere in the world using QnextMyPC.

Downloading and Using Qnext is Always Free! 

Stay connected to your online buddy lists on other IM clients
High level security using 192-bit data encryption
Fast, direct P2P connections between users
Easy content and service sharing using Qnext Zones
Permission-based sharing between friends
Multi-language support
Personalize Qnext with downloadable skins

Put an End to FTP 
With Qnext you can take a file of any size from your computer and drag it onto another users name. This initiates a secure P2P file transfer. A file can be 1 MB or 10MB or your entire C drive!

Qnext puts an end to FTP sites and email attachment limitations and makes handling large file transfers incredibly easy.

Files are sent using a secure, encrypted P2P connection directly to the other user. Receiving a file requires the Qnext user to accept and initiate the transfer.

Without any servers in the way to slow you down - file transfers occur as fast as your Internet service connection and computer system will allow. And nobody can ever hack or intercept your file transfer.

You can transfer multiple file transfers or folder to online and offline users. 

The Ultimate in Collaborative Computing 
Our sophisticated P2P engine allows you to securely share files with your friends, as a group or individually. By opening a Zone with the File Sharing service, you can instantly collaborate and download/upload files into the shared folders of your choice. 

We even allow you to create virtual folder that you share with other users. These virtual folders can be composed of multiple folders located anywhere on your hard drive. Your files always sit securely on your computer and you decide who has permission to access your File Sharing Zone.

Create custom virtual folders for specific users 
Select download/upload/overwrite permissions 
No size limitations on files or folders 
Eliminate bulky email attachments 
Share and receive files without being in front of your computer 
Collaborate as a group in a shared, secure Zone 
You can include multiple Qnext services inside the same Zone that contains File Sharing. Also, you can host a Group Text Chat or talk live with an Audio/Video call while using File Sharing.



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