[Standards-JIG] JEP-45 MUC - "from" attribute in discussion history

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 08:06:01 UTC 2004

Gato wrote:
> Last part of section 6.3.12 says:
> "...The 'from' attribute SHOULD be the JID of the original sender in
> non-anonymous rooms, but MUST NOT be in semi-anonymous rooms (the 'from'
> attribute SHOULD be set to the room JID in semi-anonymous rooms)."
> My first question is which JID should be sent in non-anonymous rooms? Bare
> JID or Full JID? I assume that it's bare JIDs.

No, it must be the full JID (see example 27).

> why making this difference between semi and non-anonymous
> rooms? I think that we could always send room JIDs
> as if those messages were regular groupchat messages
> thus simplifying the task on the clients.

Perhaps you are confusing the two 'from' attributes?

The paragraph you quoted is talking about the 'from' attribute of the
'jabber:x:delay' namespace element (again see see example 27). The 'from'
attribute of the <message/> element is always a room JID (in all room types,
for both normal and history messages). So the task of the clients is simple.

- Ian

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