[Standards-JIG] XHTML-IM Extensibility

JD Conley jconley at winfessor.com
Fri Sep 3 20:02:41 UTC 2004

I agree with Ian's points here regarding CSS/XHTML.  If this JEP is
limited to simple text formatting then we need to use CSS for styling.
Blockquote, strong, em, etc, will never be used properly and will just
cause confusion.

As was mentioned earlier, why don't we force each client to list which
XHTML modules it supports in disco and caps?  XHTML-IM as it sits today
could be renamed to XHTML-IM-FORMATTING and become a profile of the
XHTML-IM specification.  XHTML-IM would then become an abstract JEP
specifying the relationship of XHTML modules to XMPP and defining how
XHTML-IM profiles (like XHTML-IM-FORMATTING) should be created.  I could
then build an XHTML-IM-LAYOUT that allowed for CSS positioning and/or

JD Conley

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