[Standards-JIG] Re: Roster Subscription Synchronisation

James Bunton james at delx.cjb.net
Sat Sep 11 23:55:45 UTC 2004

On Sat, 11 Sep 2004 11:13 pm, James Bunton <james at delx.cjb.net> wrote:

> Richard Dobson wrote:
> > Is it just me or is this protocol not virtually identical to just using
> > JEP-0093?.
> >
> > The only thing missing from JEP-0093 is the use case explaining how to
> > use JEP-0093 with transports. Whats the point in it being like this?
> No it's identical. JEP-0093 can't actually do the Roster Subscription
> Synchronisation. All it can do is push out contacts, it says nothing about
> their subscription status on the legacy network.

That's a typo above. It should be "No it's not identical".
Sorry for any confusion.

The syntax is however pretty much identical to the jabber:x:roster. This is 
intentional. Mostly because there's no reason to make it different.

The reason that it's better to do this in a presence packet as part of 
subscription is because what I'm trying to fix is actually to do with 
subscription. It makes sense to fix it in the subscription system, where the 
problem lies (that of not being able to synchronise subscriptions between 
legacy systems and jabber).
There is also the huge benefit that this will work with any client that 
supports subscriptions. Clients supporting roster-subsync will be a lot nicer 
to use, but others will still work.

I know you made a suggestion on how to get that to work with JEP0093, but that 
didn't seem very practical to me. You suggested using a timer. What if the 
user subscribes to the transport, then wanders away for a minute or two to 
wait for it to log in (MSN can take up to 30 seconds to connect and download 
your contact list sometimes).



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