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Mon Sep 13 05:06:23 UTC 2004

At Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 03:04:31PM -0500, JEP Editor wrote:
> Version 0.1 of JEP-0142 (Workgroups) has been released.
> Abstract: This JEP defines an XMPP protocol extension that enables a user to communicate
> with a representative of an organization, department, or workgroup (e.g., the support group).

This is a very interesting JEP to me, as I developed a once-off customer support prototype
for a client, and had to invent a similar, albeit much simpler, protocol.

I would have made this response sooner, but it seems my procmail config was borked. ;-)

My only comments so far are on examples 6-9, "Join With Form":

I would be inclined to make this an explicit "get, then set" procedure, like
jabber:iq:request.  In reality, I'm sure that the majority of these systems will
need to gather at least some data, and the edge case where no data is required could
be satisfied by sending back no form:

U: <iq type='get'
U:     from='user at server.com/home'
U:     to='support at company.com'
U:     id='id2'>
U:     <join-queue xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/workgroup'/>
U: </iq>
S: <iq type='result'
S:     from='support at company.com'
S:     to='user at server.com/home'
S:     id='id2'>
S:     <join-queue xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/workgroup'/>
S: </iq>

In the case where a form required, this brings the number of exchanges down from 4 to 2.
In the case where no form is required, it's up from 1 to 2, but now the same logic works
for both cases.

At this point, the server could also pass back <queue-notifications/> such that the user's
client knows in advance whether it is supported.  The client can then leave it out of their
"set" query, if it isn't supported.

I'm also curious to know why the metadata is considered to be different to a form, if
the form is going to be gathering metadata as well.  For a web-based system, the app
is going to be filling out the form for the user, and it might as well include the
metadata in the form.  For a Jabber client-based system, it wouldn't seem to make sense
to pass the same sort of metadata to the server.

All in all though, I think this looks pretty good for a first release.  It covers much
more ground than I was able to cover in the system I wrote. :-)


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