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Mon Sep 13 06:34:00 UTC 2004

At Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 12:26:23AM -0500, Matt Tucker wrote:
> I can actually think of a fair number of use-cases where one might want
> to not require a form. However, I don't think your idea is even mutually
> exclusive with the current version of the JEP. There is no reason that a
> user couldn't start the exchange with a "get" to look for form data
> instead of trying to join right away. However, one thing that could be
> clarified is what happens when the user does a "get" but no form is
> required. Does that make sense, or am I missing something? 

That makes sense.  I suppose I was really just looking for the clarification and perhaps
an example of that case.

I figured that a form would almost always be required because generally, you need a name
at the bare minimum, so that the customer support rep. doesn't get stuck calling you "Sir".
But in actual fact, if this was a Jabber client-app, the customer support rep. could always
ask for your vCard to gather this information.  In an anonymous user scenario, though, as
the majority of web support chats are likely to be, I would expect a name to be requested
at some point. :-)

The initial "get" might actually result in an error too... say, if the queue is closed, we
might get an error saying "try in 5 minutes" or similar.  But the same error could easily be
used on the "set", I suppose.


P.S. Also as a side-note... I'm almost certain jabber:iq:register for some reason denies a
     "set" without a "get", but I don't actually know the reason for this, so I'm not going
     to use this as a reason to make this JEP the same. :-)

P.P.S. This JEP is quite good for me, as I needed a real excuse to rewrite my customer
       support code for the new version of JSO.  Now I have a task to rewrite it for a new
       potential standard as well, which is neat.

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