[Standards-JIG] Roster block importing and synchronisationusingJEP-0093

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Sep 14 23:21:43 UTC 2004

> Well, this proposal relies on using existing clients and there existing 
> features. No good client would just delete a "none" contact.

That is a big assumption, there is no reason I can see that for transport 
contacts you couldnt use the "none" status as an indication that the user is 
no longer in the legacy contact list and thus it can be automatically 
removed, I dont see where you get this idea that a "good client" would never 
automatically delete a "none" contact, im not saying that a client should 
always delete a "none" contact no matter wether its a transport or not, but 
it makes perfect sence to me that this logic could be used for transport 
contacts automatically, and if it isnt a transport contact it makes sence 
that the user be prompted as to whether they wish to remove this "ghost" 
contact or not to clean up the roster.

> Even in it's  *current* form our proposal can make a distinction between a 
> contact you  already removed (and that will be actually removed from your 
> jabber  roster) and the normal situation (where your contact's 
> subscription state  will be set to "none" because the contact removed you 
> from his legacy  network roster). Even if you update the clients for 
> Mike's proposal (to do  things automatically and such) you can't make that 
> distinction, so even  then you can't make clients automatically remove 
> "none" contacts. unless  you want to remove ALL "none" contacts (including 
> the ones you DIDN'T  delete yet) which is a very bad idea.

But as far as I can work out "none" statuses are only likely to happen on 
transport contacts when the user has been removed from the legacy roster, so 
it makes sence that you can then use that to automatically clean up the 


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