[Standards-JIG] Roster block importing andsynchronisationusingJEP-0093

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Sep 15 00:00:14 UTC 2004

>> That is a big assumption, there is no reason I can see that for 
>> transport contacts you couldnt use the "none" status as an indication 
>> that the user is no longer in the legacy contact list and thus it can be 
>> automatically removed, I dont see where you get this idea that a "good 
>> client" would never automatically delete a "none" contact, im not saying 
>> that a client should always delete a "none" contact no matter wether its 
>> a transport or not, but it makes perfect sence to me that this logic 
>> could be used for transport contacts automatically, and if it isnt a 
>> transport contact it makes sence that the user be prompted as to whether 
>> they wish to remove this "ghost" contact or not to clean up the roster.
> So what happens when I'm connected to the transport, and someone on the 
> legacy network removes me?

Well as far as MSN goes certainly not all that much as they will still be in 
my forward list so it would not send an "unsubscribed", it would only send 
an "unsubscribe", it would basically just change to a "to" subscription, it 
would only change to a "none" if I use the full MSN client to remove the 
contact from my forward list, or delete it from my jabber client which would 
in turn replicate that change to MSN and remove it from the forward list, in 
which case I have deleted it and thus it should be removed from my jabber 
contact list.


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