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Wed Sep 15 03:34:24 UTC 2004

At Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 09:58:35AM -0600, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> I haven't looked at FOAF in about a year so I need to find out what it 
> supports now, and how we might add new properties to it (the FOAFsters 
> don't have a nice community standards process like we do in the JEP 
> series). I don't see how you can keep RDF out of it, since FOAF is 
> defined as an RDF vocabulary, but we would certainly use the RDF/XML 
> syntax and there are more RDF parsers now than there were 14 months ago. 
> That may not help small-footprint clients, but then again most of them 
> aren't implementing the full protocol suite either. 

As far as I meant when I said keeping RDF, was that the majority of FOAF
documents out there on the web have an RDF element with a single foaf:Person
element inside it.  But we're really only describing a person, so we should
only need that one element.

But yeah, there are several RDF attributes like rdf:resource which FOAF uses
when referring to URLs and the like, and we would need to use these in order
to preserve the meaning.


Off-topic rant:

One of the things which nags me about RDF is that they developed a whole lot
of attributes seemingly for the express purpose of making life harder for
everyone else.

They invented an rdf:resource attribute, which is really just a link to
another resource.  But they chose to ignore XLink, which provides an xlink:href
attribute, which is really just a link to another resource.  So now, agents
which want to spider the semantic web need to know _both_ attributes, instead
of just one, which was the entire reason XLink was devised in the first place.

But we've seen how little interest the W3C have in using their own standards,
in that the schemas for XHTML2 are in RELAX NG instead of W3C XML Schema form.

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