[Standards-JIG] Re: XHTML further simplification

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Sep 27 21:47:46 UTC 2004

In article <41536636.8000201 at apnic.net>, Byron Ellacott <bje at apnic.net> 

> Ian Paterson wrote:
> > Byron, this style sheet works well in all browsers if we use padding-left.
> > What if XHTML-IM recommends margin-left instead? Which default style rule
> > would be appropriate?
> If the XHTML-IM suggested the use of margin-left, and you wanted to be 
> able to specify a left margin meaningfully on lists, you should probably 
> include the following in the default style sheet:
> ol, ul {
>      padding-left: 40px;
>      margin-left: 0;
>      -moz-padding-start: 0;
> }

To me, this says we're recommending support for both 'margin-left' and 
'padding-left'. Is that accurate?

I have no objections to including a recommended stylesheet in the JEP, 
based on experience while it's Draft. But let's get it to Draft first. 


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