[Standards-JIG] Re: XHTML further simplification

Byron Ellacott bje at apnic.net
Mon Sep 27 22:30:41 UTC 2004

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>ol, ul {
>>     padding-left: 40px;
>>     margin-left: 0;
>>     -moz-padding-start: 0;
> To me, this says we're recommending support for both 'margin-left' and 
> 'padding-left'. Is that accurate?

Not entirely, no.  The JEP recommends that the style "padding-left" 
should be interpreted and used.  The JEP also, if you included a default 
stylesheet, recommends that the visual style should appear as an 
XHTML+CSS page would when given the XHTML-IM default stylesheet as its 
stylesheet.  In other words, clients do not have to implement the 
"margin-left" property, they SHOULD render items with no left margin, 
whether that's by telling their XHTML+CSS render engine to set 
"margin-left: 0" or by not doing anything at all.


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