[Standards-JIG] Re: query component in XMPP URIs

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Wed Sep 29 10:43:17 UTC 2004

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> 3. Identifying NodeIDs such as those used in JEP-0030 and JEP-0060
> (e.g., "click here to subscribe to a weather feed for your area").


> xmpp:pubsub.example.com?node=foo

May I suggest "xmpp:pubsub.example.com#foo" for the above unless '#' is
allowed anywhere in a JID. That would obviously come after the resource,
ie: "xmpp:pubsub at example.com/resource#foo".

I did glance through the nodeprep and resourceprep sections of xmpp-core. I
didn't see anything that prohibited a pound sign in a JID or a question
mark, but I could still be wrong. If they're currently allowed, then '?'
may need to be prohibited in resourceprep or switch the '?' in your
examples to use '&' instead. That would munge up the key=value pairs
though--posibly. I guess it could signify the start of them and still be
used to seperate them.

And why do some URI schemes make use of double slashes, like "http://"? Is
there a reason for them? I'm not suggesting them--yet anyway.

- Nolan


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