[Standards-JIG] SHIM Store header

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Fri Aug 5 13:00:53 UTC 2005

The purpose of SHIM, as stated in the Introduction, is "to ensure proper
processing by the recipient of an XML stanza". So servers should be able
to ignore SHIM.

Also, the TTL header "MUST NOT be used for routing or delivery of XML
stanzas, since that function is already served by Advanced Message
Processing" (JEP-0079).

However, the description of the Store header is not perfectly consistent
with the rest of the JEP. The header specifies "whether the stanza may
be stored or archived by the recipient *or an interim processor such as
a router*".

This makes servers more complex and less efficient, since they have to
examine every stanza for the Store header. It is also unnecessary -
JEP-0079 already provides this functionality.

I doubt any server implements the Store header. Nothing would be broken
if the JEP were to state more clearly that interim processors SHOULD
ignore all SHIM headers, and if the description of the Store header were
adjusted accordingly.

- Ian

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