[Standards-JIG] Re: What happened to the ACK proposal?

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Aug 18 00:37:16 UTC 2005

> Apart from that there are the networking products that refuse 
> to do it right for their own reasons. The trend here I think
> is, that this will (and has) improve(d) since I looked at this
> some years back espc. because the appliance market has settled
> on some established stacks (linux amongst them) that do this
> the way you'd expect them to it. However my troubles with GPRS
> kit (which is a relativly new technology) seem to suggest 
> we've not seen the last of this.

Thanks for the interesting in-depth response. :)

Ian plays the devils advocate:

XMPP is likely to be an important protocol for mobile service providers
- some are already encouraging their subscribers to use XMPP instead of
SMS. Mobile network conditions are just as likely to delay a JEP ACK
ping response as a TCP ACK. In either case the server would drop the
XMPP connection, reducing the QoS. So isn't it possible that those
mobile service providers currently subverting TCP ACK will do the same
with XMPP ACK for similar reasons? (Especially since JEP ACK will result
in up to a 100% increase in XMPP packets transferred over the mobile

Anyway, it's good to hear that Internet TCP is, in general, improving.
Do you know whether UMTS kit features the same problems? GPRS is rapidly
being replaced by UMTS so, going forward, we should be more concerned
with UMTS. (XMPP ACK might take some time to define, implement and

- Ian

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