[Standards-JIG] Contact address for abuse

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Fri Aug 26 15:33:35 UTC 2005

Op vrijdag 26 augustus 2005 01:07, schreef Peter Saint-Andre:
> > The default address could be just the JID of the server, or JID with
> > some well-known node part ("abuse").
> Many existing server implementations use the JID of the server as an
> alias for the server admins -- e.g., messages (but not IQs or presence)
> addressed to jabber.org are distributed to the admins of the jabber.org
> server. Perhaps we can standardize on that since it is already common
> practice. The only potential problem is that servers might want to
> exchange message stanzas, too, and it might not be appropriate to
> deliver those to the admins. However, since servers are "always on" they
> should always be able to handle IQs, so I don't see a strong need for
> servers to do messaging. Therefore I think sending a message stanza to
> the server's JID (just the domain address) should work fine.

And what if I want to get all abuse messages of the server I admin on my 
normal user account on another server? Or when I only like to use e-mail for 
abuses? And what if I want to point to a web forum for abuses? And what about 
a (mobile) phone number? etc.

Maybe sending a message to the server JID should result in an automatic 
message containing the abuse information. In this way admins can choose the 
way(s) they like to be contacted. In companies e.g. this shouldn't be that 
"If you experience a problem with chatting, just call me on 174. If I am not 
in the company, contact one of the other ICT people in the company or drop a 
message in my personal box. 
-- The admin."

Btw: this reply message can maybe also be used for other things like 
verificating servers for more secure s2s connections?

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

xmpp:sander at devrieze.dyndns.org ( http://jabber.tk/ )

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