[Standards-JIG] Contact address for abuse

Tomasz Sterna tomasz.sterna at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 15:41:08 UTC 2005

2005/8/26, Sander Devrieze <s.devrieze at pandora.be>:
> And what if I want to get all abuse messages of the server I admin on my
> normal user account on another server?

You just set the admin JID in server configuration and all messages
sent to the server JID are automatically forwarded there.
It's implemented already in jabberd14 series.

> Or when I only like to use e-mail for
> abuses? And what about
> a (mobile) phone number? etc.

You could easly setup forwarding of these messages to the destination
you like. No problems here I think.

> And what if I want to point to a web forum for abuses? 
> Maybe sending a message to the server JID should result in an automatic
> message containing the abuse information. In this way admins can choose the
> way(s) they like to be contacted.

And this is exactly what is happening already with a bare jabberd14
series instalation.
Message sent to the server's JID is forwarded to admins and the user
is notified:
"Your message was recieved and forwarded automatically to server admins..."
It's a customizable message.

What we are suggesting is formalising it.
RFC could define this behavior as a standard (and maybe required) one.

To move the idea forward, we could define (also by RFC) some
well-known resources to divide responsibility. The admin not necessary
takes care of abuses and the abuse team not necessary wishes to work
as a user helpdesk.
We could distribute the tasks using server resources /admin, /abuse, /help, etc.

It could be the fallback method when the discovery of these addreses
(via a JEP specified protocol) isn't set up. And this does not make
RFC dependant on disco JEP.


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