[Standards-JIG] anti-spim techniques

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Sun Aug 28 15:18:26 UTC 2005

Sander wrote:
> > Has Sander (or anyone else), got some time to write a first 
> > draft of a new generally-useful 'Bot-Proof Challenges' JEP?
> I am afraid I need to finish exams first. I also have no 
> experience with 
> writing JEPs. But if I have time again and someone wants to 
> assist me with writing the JEP, I am happy to help.

St Peter is usually a wonderful help. :)

If he has no time I'd be happy to help advance this as quickly as
possible too (including tidying up the English), although my current
priority remains e2e.

> > This could include CPU challenges and
> > inband delivery of images
> This might have accessibility problems as noted by someone.

Yes. I was thinking clients could be offered a choice of challenges. For
example, the CPU challenge would not be appropriate for Web clients.

> Maybe also the possibility to ask a random question

I like the efficiency of this idea, but I'm not sure how practical it
would be.
1. It would require a lot of questions, especially in multi-language
2. Open source lists of questions would be easy for spimmers to access.
So admins would either have to invent hundreds of their own questions,
or somehow find a list that the professional spimmers hadn't found
before them.

> > e2e encryption making SPIM far more CPU-expensive.
> CPU time is not so expensive, and I guess the price will go 
> down more in the future. So I am afraid this is not enough.

Yes, this does not solve the problem. But, as you mentioned, every
partial barrier helps to make SPIM less profitable. [And if I were a
spimmer I would concentrate on the cheapest targets.]

> The agreement should also mean that the server admin is 
> obliged to take actions when his server is used to send spim...
> So, in short, the server admin is responsible for all traffic 
> to the public Jabber network coming from his server.
> If he ignores the agreement, he risks loosing his "vignette"


- Ian

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