[Standards-JIG] Re: privacy2 anti-SPIM proto-JEP

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Mon Aug 29 22:07:06 UTC 2005

Alex Mauer wrote:
> The difference is, I'm pulling the users vcard, whereas I think SPIM
> would only be something that is pushed to me, like messages or
> subscription requests themselves.

IMO the distinction isn't that black and white. The subscription request 
that triggered you to look at the vCard is a part of the spam. If you 
look at the vCard doesn't even matter. If we want to call the vCard or 
the request or both spam is just a matter of semantics IMO. Not very 
relevant in this case. We want to prevent subscription requests sent by 
spammers. That's the important bit here :)


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