[Standards-JIG] Re: privacy2 anti-SPIM proto-JEP

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Wed Aug 31 04:31:27 UTC 2005

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Bart van Bragt wrote:
| Another thought that came to mind. memberbot at jabber.org contacts me, my
| server (vanbragt.com) knows jabber.org (they have been in kindergarten
| together) and asks if memberbot is a good net citizen. We have a
| protocol that makes it trivial to complain about SPIM from JIDs and
| jabber.org knows that there have been 0 complaints in the 41 months that
| memberbot has been registered with the 14.000 messages that the bot has
| sent so far. vanbragt.com is happy with this info and shows me the
| message from memberbot without further ado. Hmm, this would also fit in
| Tijl's proposal.

Wait. Wait. I just read that and got hit with this idea.

Say there's a standard "/spam" resource on each server. A client could
then have a button for the user to flag a sender as a spammer. This
button could appear in the message, chat, and subscription dialogs.

The server would then accumulate all these spammer true/false values,
and maybe even share them with other servers too. I suppose that if a
high enough percentage of users on a server who think that some JID is a
spammer then they are most likely a spammer.

I'm not a big fan of black lists, so for any stanza from a spammer that
goes through the server could possibly be flagged with a <spam/>
element, similiar to <evil/>...shoot use <evil/>.

Perhaps this could get plugged into the above too by having the user
tell their server to send spam or to just block, ie: they tell the
server how much they trust the other users' judgement. They could even
specify the percentage of users that makes a stanza qualify as spam too.

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