[Standards-JIG] bot-challenge proto-JEP

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Wed Aug 31 18:04:25 UTC 2005

Op woensdag 31 augustus 2005 19:30, schreef Ian Paterson:
> *Server admins* cannot win this battle. The creativity required to write
> thousands of questions that every Aunt Tillie can answer requires far
> more work than answering them.
> SPIM bots could have low paid human 
> assistants who give them answers to all new questions the server admins
> come up with. IMHO companies like Google would need to employ 10
> full-time question inventors for every single full-time bot assistant.

Remark that also Google and others can pay low paid humans to invent 

> I'm not even sure most users could be relied upon to come up with
> original enough questions that *everybody* could answer. (Judging by
> Aunt Tillie's small dictionary of passwords.) Bots would only need to
> answer a small percentage of questions right, so they could simply
> search for popular word combinations and link them to the answers (e.g.
> 'President', 'America' -> 'Bush')

The trick is to describe it very abstract and not use the words president and 
Amerika. E.g. "Give the name of the high-positioned guy that is leading a not 
so small country and that spended a lot on weapons link bombs to be used in a 
country in the middle-east. He also does his job in a blanco house. Hiroshima 
is a place in Japan."
==>A bot with A.I. might see the key words "weapons", "bombs", "Hiroshima", 
and "Japan". This might cause the bot answering "atomic bomb" or something 
like that...

> > > The image (captcha) and audio tho should be
> > > accessable enough for both bind and deaf people to use
> Yes. And thanks to Hashcash most destop client users won't need to pass
> any challenges at all. See work in progress:
> http://www.clientside.co.uk/jeps/jep-challenge/jep-challenge.html#captch
> a-intro
> > What about deaf people?
> Wouldn't they just use the visual challenges?

There are deaf people that are also blind AFAIK...

> I don't know about everyone else, but I'm getting tired of this "text
> CAPTCHA vs multimedia CAPTCHA" topic. Sander, the text questions and
> answers you suggested are part of the proto-JEP, thank you for the idea.

What I just wanted to say is that CAPTCHA might invole accessibility issues. 
Maybe you need to add this the the JEP (if you not yet did)?

> :) If they prove to be the best challenges, then people *will* use them
> instead of the multimedia CAPTCHAs.
> *Please remember that the flexibility and extensibility of the protocol
> means we don't need to care which challenges will be best now or at any
> time in the future.*

Yes, I understand.

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

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