[Standards-JIG] XMPP URIs was: Two questions regarding JEP-0124HTTP Binding

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Dec 2 16:07:48 UTC 2005

Mridul Muralidharan wrote:

>   The 124 spec mentions that the route attribute should follow the 
> syntax as specified in ref 11.
> This reference seems to be MIA (reason mentioned as ref 12 I guess ?).

When you submit a revised version of the same Internet-Draft to the 
IETF, they remove the old one from their website, resulting in a 404. 
Personally I think this is poor webmastering, but you'll have to 
complain to the IETF about that. I'll update the reference in JEP-0124.

>   JEP 147 which seems to talk about related subject - is it correct to 
> assume that this is what is going to be the definition for XMPP URI/IRI ?

The xmpp URI scheme is defined here:


JEP-0147 merely specifies a registry of query components and name-value 
pairs to be used in the context of XMPP URIs/IRIs.

> If yes , then I am wondering how 124 , which is a draft standard , could 
> depend on an expirimental JEP.

JEP-0124 is right now dependent on an Internet-Draft, which is a work in 
progress and is pretty much equivalent to an Experimental JEP. Naturally 
that dependency would be removed if we change the syntax of the 'route' 


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