[Standards-JIG] Avatar Image Hashes

Sebastiaan Deckers cbas at pandion.be
Mon Dec 5 23:33:19 UTC 2005

If it says "hash of the image data" then you take the hash of the image 
data.  Simple enough.
Otherwise the spec would say "hash of the base64 encoded image data." :-)

Besides, hashing the base64 representation would introduce more 
uncertainty: should that include the newlines?


Daniel Henninger wrote:

> Hi folk!
> In all three of the avatar implementation JEPs, you are told to  
> generate a hash of the "image data".  Until now, we have operated  
> under the assumption that this is a hash of the actual image data,  
> not of the base64-encoded image data.  However, after it was brought  
> up on our list, it seems that this is not explicitly specified  
> anywhere.  So:
> 1. Are we indeed correct in thinking that it's a hash of the real  
> image data, not the base64 encoded data?
> 2. May I request that JEP-0008, JEP-0084, and JEP-0153 all receive  
> minor updates to clarify this?
> Thanks!
> Daniel

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