[Standards-JIG] JINGLE question

Julien PUYDT julien.puydt at laposte.net
Tue Dec 6 07:37:55 UTC 2005

Vinod Panicker a écrit :
> To rephrase my statement, consider this -
> IQ request response between client and server
> request - C1->S
> response - C1<-S
> As you rightly said, it could also be the other way around
> request - S->C1
> response - S<-C1
> But in JINGLE, its like this -
> request - C1->S->C2
> response - C1<-S<-C2
> Is this considered "normal" ?

Well, the third case you label "JINGLE" is "normal" to me... iq stanzas 
fly back and forth between jabber entities, and when those two entities 
are clients, that means the server does the routing in the middle.

As far as I know, that's the whole point of iq stanzas...

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