[Standards-JIG] Jingle in dribble: what if connection cannot be established?

Joe Beda jbeda at google.com
Thu Dec 15 15:15:34 UTC 2005

Vinod is right.  Talk handles this case by timing out if a good connection
can't be established.  We also go through a relay server (more details will
be forthcoming at some point) if we cannot connect any other way.  In the
vast majority of cases that isn't necessary.  I don't know what the timeout
is exactly off the top of my head but it might be something we want to
suggest/document in the spec.

That timeout is necessary also as the other side may crash/go away with no
notification.  You might not know as it may take time for the server to
realize it or you may not be subscribed to the peer's presence.

One thing we are planning to change in the spec to make the user experience
better (based on feedback from this standardization process) is to delay
ringing on either side until an explicit signal from the callee or when a
good p2p connection is established.  This way you won't here a ring until
you know you can exchange media.


On 12/15/05, Vinod Panicker <vinod.p at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 12/15/05, Maciek Niedzielski <machekku at miroku.uaznia.net> wrote:
> > When negotiating a session using Jingle in dribble mode, both peers keep
> > sending their connection candidates and (at the same time) try to
> > connect to other peer's candidates. When a connection may be establised,
> > the candidate is choosen.
> >
> > And what if the connection cannot be established? Maybe I am reading too
> > fast, but I cannot see any way to say "I don't have any more candidates"
> >   and "I couldn't connect to any of your candidates".
> > So both clients would be waiting for a better candidate forever.
> I've read the whole thing, and slowly as well :)  Didn't see anything
> to handle this.  Currently I guess the client will have to assume a
> reasonable timeout period till it cannot establish a connection.
> Ultimately, if all else fails, the peer is expected to contact a relay
> server (TURN maybe)
> Regards,
> Vinod.
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