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Simon Guindon simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca
Thu Dec 22 18:38:02 UTC 2005

Good afternoon everyone.


Just for a little background I'm looking at integrating Jabber + VOIP
services. In specific, PBX services such as Asterisk.


What I would like to find out is can Jingle in its current form handle
PBX capabilities. From what I can understand from my first evaluations
of Jingle (perhaps I may be missing the idea) is that it is very geared
towards negotiating P2P connections.


In a PBX environment, you are actually placing a call to the PBX and the
PBX will route you. Let's take IAX for example.

To place a client to client call P2P without a PBX the URI would be:


If you are logged into server.com with your IAX account on the Asterisk
server and making a call to another extension lets say 1234 on the
server the URI would be: server.com/1234


Alternatively IAX/Asterisk can use alpha as well as numeric for
extensions so you might also have server.com/Simon


My question is, can the current Jingle spec handle this. I believe SIP
PBX's may also have a similar fashion but I am not familiar with SIP. I
believe SIP's call format for calling a user or extension is
1234 at server.com or simon at server.com


Basically the format of an IAX2 call from my understanding is:
username:password at server/extension at context

I don't think we need to worry about username/password since they are
for authentication and context I'm not sure if we need to account for.


Now assuming this. Let's think of how the negotiation flow will occur.
How will a client tell a user that it has a PBX extension available, but
can also do P2P calls if the other end cannot connect to the PBX.
Looking briefly at http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0166.html with example
10 and 11. Would we send 2 candidates with one being the PBX call
format, and one being the P2P IP?


I hope I have made my questions and concerns clear. Any comments or
opinions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks and take care,




Simon Guindon

Tomahawk Technologies Inc.

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www.tomahawk.ca <http://www.tomahawk.ca> 



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