[Standards-JIG] FW: Jingle - P2P and PBX calls

Tomasz Sterna tomasz.sterna at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 15:35:54 UTC 2005

2005/12/23, Simon Guindon <simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca>:
> I was under the impression if your client supported SIP or IAX or RTP or
> alternative media streams that Jingle was the means of negotiating those
> OOB connections.

Oh. I see now.
You mean something along the lines of:
- I start Jingle session with your XMPP client
- Your client tells me "I'm able to speak IAX, and you can reach me at
zzz.com IAX server on extension xxx."

I think It's a job of another Jingle session profile. Jingle-IAX?

I was talking before about a situation, where you have a standalone
VoIP telephone (as a device, or app) connected (wired?) to an IAX
server. In that case you definetely need a phone-2-xmppnode mapping


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