[Standards-JIG] FW: Jingle - P2P and PBX calls

Tomasz Sterna tomasz.sterna at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 15:51:08 UTC 2005

2005/12/23, Simon Guindon <simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca>:
> Do we need a Jingle-IAX or can the current Jingle accommodate what is
> required for PBX like call setups. And if not, can it be slightly
> tweaked, or is a whole new addition required as you mention Jingle-IAX?

My understanding of the Jingle protocol is that it consists of a
"Jingle signaling" part and a bunch of "Jingle-..." session profiles
for every imaginable P2P protocol.

Could one of the creators of the protocol bring some light on this? :-)


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