[Standards-JIG] FW: Jingle - P2P and PBX calls

Scott Ludwig scottlu at google.com
Fri Dec 23 17:24:13 UTC 2005

JEP-0166 is a generic service for negotiating a session and
establishing and maintaining p2p streams between two end points
through NATs and firewalls.

JEP-0167 is a specific session type for audio, that uses JEP-0166 for
sesssion signaling and p2p stream establishment.

Anything that can be sent over a stream is fair game for a new session type.

If you want to plug in a PBX, so you can have a Jingle client on one
side, and some other (non-Jingle) phone on the other side, you need a
gateway that knows how to translate the signaling, end point
addressing, and potentially media format if something other than RTP
is needed. There will be a Jingle-SIP JEP upcoming that describes this
gatewaying for SIP. Likewise for IAX and H.323.

Asterisk will get this gatewaying knowledge built into to it (ideally :-)).

Does that answer the question?

On 12/23/05, Hal Rottenberg <halr9000 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 12/23/05, Simon Guindon <simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca> wrote:
> > As far as Jingle-IAX. I guess this is what I'm initially talking about.
> > Do we need a Jingle-IAX or can the current Jingle accommodate what is
> > required for PBX like call setups. And if not, can it be slightly
> > tweaked, or is a whole new addition required as you mention Jingle-IAX?
> Maybe this would help: s/Jingle/Jingle Signalling/
> The way I understand it you have been talking about JEP-0167 Jingle
> Audio, when you need to be talking about JEP-0166 Jingle Signalling.
> I think you would have a new JEP for IAX and it would look similar to
> JEP-0167?
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