[Standards-JIG] Re: Ad-hoc commands vs. separate protocols

Remko Troncon remko.troncon at cs.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon Jan 3 10:09:38 UTC 2005

> And what about good old IQ-based protocols?

Ad-hoc commands is an IQ-based protocol.

Ad-hoc commands should be used for 'ad-hoc' tasks, being tasks that are
not really worth creating a formal protocol for. Keep in mind that, the
more protocols you create, the more work clients will have to do, and
the less clients will implement it. Also, with ad-hoc commands, you
create the freedom of clients to choose the grain of detail with which a
command is executed (as the client chooses how many stages an ad-hoc
command has).

This is why, for tasks that are not general enough, it is a bad idea to
create a formal protocol, but very nice to use an ad-hoc commands
protocol, as any generic ad-hoc commands client will be able to use it.


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