[Standards-JIG] Re: Live Chat extension to Chat States (JEP-0085)

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Wed Jan 5 10:36:24 UTC 2005


>Personally I would question the value of this overall idea, what benefits 
>does it actually bring?, why cant we just do what we do now and send out 
>messages once they are finished rather than part completed??, why cant we 
>just continue to use the "user is typing" indicators that are already widely 
>deployed as they give you a similar level of information without the bandwidth wastage?

I understand the need. Watching while typing is very different from composing notifications. It is a feature many people want. It works great in LLuna. You can see many people typing into their chat bubbles simultaneously. 

Unfortunately in Jabber it is really a waste of bandwidth, because of the message envelope of 150-200 byte. Only the envelope (without payload) every 500 ms can hit the karma limit. 

>But in any case this protocol does not seem to really fit with what Chat 
>States is intended for, and thus does not belong as an extension of it, this 
>needs its own specific optimised protocol to reduce bandwidth waste as much 
>as possible, and so that people who dont want to implement it dont have to.

I agree. This feature can only be standardized if we find a specific optimised protocol. Any simple message-with-special-tag-and-namespace based approach is a waste of bandwidth. 

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