[Standards-JIG] Re: Live Chat extension to Chat States (JEP-0085)

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Jan 5 11:08:51 UTC 2005

>> I agree. This feature can only be standardized if we find a specific 
>> optimised protocol. Any simple message-with-special-tag-and-namespace 
>> based approach is a waste of bandwidth.
> well, this is a fact of life in Jabber, if you want to send some 
> information you'll have overhead of namespaces, wrappers, etc. In this 
> case the rate of information updates is simply higher than with sending 
> "complete" messages. For cases in which this is worth it (for example 
> TEXTphone style applications for the blind) there is nothing wrong with 
> this. You can always strike a balance in the update frequency if bandwith 
> is a really big issue.
> I think if bandwith is this important to you though, it's better to look 
> into stream compression methods than to dismiss jabber as a protocol. It's 
> exactly this kind of repetative data that would compress well.

Sure but cant you agree that it would be far better for this protocol to be 
in its own namespace optimised as much as possible, rather than being an 
extension to Chat States, which it doesnt really seem to fit with anyway?


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