[Standards-JIG] Re: Live Chat extension to Chat States (JEP-0085)

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Thu Jan 6 20:35:14 UTC 2005

Rachel Blackman wrote:
 > If I were going to write this, I'd make it something akin to an AIM
 > 'direct connection,' where you can send things directly rather than
 > through the server.  Define a stream initiation profile for 'c2c,' and
 > voila, you can do whatever you want without worries about server issues.
Almost exactly the same thing that I was going to write. IMO things like 
this should be moved OOB. Just create a c2c connection and also transfer 
things like keystrokes (backspace, home, arrows). That way dealing with 
changes becomes much easier. The main disadvantage of that is that 
archiving such conversations becomes pretty hard but you'll have exactly 
the same problem with the current proposal that uses in-band messaging.

Would be cool to have this BTW, I loved this in the ICQ days when I 
still had time to really chat with people :D


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