[Standards-JIG] Re: Syntax for forwarding messages

Joe Hildebrand hildjj at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 22:36:13 UTC 2005

It's just ask stpeter nicely to add type='oto' and type='ofrom' to JEP-33.

On Mon, 03 Jan 2005 11:58:36 -0500, Nolan Eakins
<sneakin at semanticgap.com> wrote:
> Remko Troncon wrote:
> >>Funny you mention this, because i'm actually needing this for JEP-146.
> >>I wrote something about that up a few months ago
> >>      http://www.cs.kuleuven.ac.be/~remko/jabber/forwarding.txt
> >
> >
> > The corresponding draft for this simple extension is here:
> >       http://www.cs.kuleuven.ac.be/~remko/jabber/forwarding.html
> A forwarding/routing slip JeP has been on my todo list to base a couple
> of other JEPs on. Seeing how the above is a start, I would recommend
> using 0033 as a base. 0033's schema allows a lot more than this
> forwarding JEP. It would just need to be an informational JEP on how to
> use 0033 for forwarding instead of multicasting. The only conflict that
> could occur is if the message is sent to a multicasting component
> instead of an endpoint that can forward stanzas.
> There would also need to be a way to tack on the amount of time spent at
> each hop. This was a feature request for another JEP that I need to
> spend some more time on. It's available at
> http://semanticgap.com/jeps/translation.html if you'd like to see how I
> was planning on using 0033 to forward stanzas.
> I hope that helps.
> - Nolan
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