[Standards-JIG] Re: MUC and owner getting disconnected.

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Jan 13 18:34:56 UTC 2005

In article <1104231587.2990.6.camel at localhost.localdomain>,
 Jens Mikkelsen <gyldenskjold at mail.dk> wrote:

> It doesn't help me though. As I need a room that must have an owner and
> must be restricted to whom he/her allows. ;o)

So in your room:

(1) an owner MUST always be present
(2) only users approved by the owner are allowed in the room

#2 is addressed by members-only rooms. #1 is not addressed by the 
current specification or implementations as far as I know, since I've 
never heard of it as a requirement.


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