[Standards-JIG] Re: Affiliation changes (JEP-0045)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Jan 13 19:08:17 UTC 2005

In article 
<8CDC3525190B624F8F740435C7B9A01D59C5 at heineken.winfessor.com>,
 "JD Conley" <jconley at winfessor.com> wrote:

> Do affiliation changes have to go "in order" as noted in the samples?
> Or can an Owner change an Admin to an Outcast in one fowl swoop?

I think it's "fell swoop". ;-)

I've modified the rules to simplify them, per earlier discussion. So now 
the spec says you can go straight from Owner to Outcast, do not pass go, 
do not pay $200.

> On that note, what changes are allowed in the owner namespace vs. the
> admin namespace?  Changing an affiliation to member/none/outcast is all
> in the admin namespace in the samples, but the owner namespace schema
> also lists those as valid values in the affiliation enumeration.  It
> appears to me that the service must respond to all affiliation changes
> (iq type set containing item(s)) in both the owner and admin namespace.
> Is this correct?  Either way, it should be more clear in the spec.

Well. Yes, the schemas do not restrict what you can send in the #admin 
vs. #owner namespace with regard to affiliation values. I see two 
options at this point:

(1) Explicitly define which values of the 'affiliation' attribute are 
allowed in #admin vs. #owner.

(2) Specify that all affiliation changes occur in queries qualified by 
the #admin namespace, reserving #owner for room creation, configuration, 
and destruction.

#1 seems rather abitrary, so I would lean toward #2.


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