[Standards-JIG] Question about data form responses.

Etan Reisner deryni at eden.rutgers.edu
Wed Jan 19 18:41:23 UTC 2005

I'm working on modifying the ejabberd muc component to allow creating
acls for individual muc config options. That is we want, for example, to
be able to limit who can create persistent rooms to certain classes of
users. I've written all the acl code and ran into some questions when
dealing with the room configuration forms. I have the component only
include configuration options that a user is able to change in the form
when it is requested (I think this is the correct thing to do). The
question is what should I do if the users client sends back a form that
includes even options that I do not allow them to set. As I see it I
have a couple options:
	- I can ignore the entire request and return an error since they
aren't following the form they were sent, however this could potentially
remove that users ability to configure rooms entirely since I assume
their client will always send this incorrect form response.
	- I can ignore and drop the changes they are not allowed to make
and allow the changes they are allowed to make to take effect, however
this has the potential to be confusing and possibly generate a lot of
invalid bug reports.
	- I can ignore and error on the changes they are allowed to make
and allow the changes they are allowed to make to take effect, this
would seem to be the best from usability standpoints since it avoids the
problems from both of the above options but I'm not sure that this is a
valid thing to do with these mechanisms.

I'm not sure which of these (if any) is the right thing to do, thank you
for any guidance on this. I apologize if this is the wrong list for this
question, please anyone feel free to forward this to and respond on the
jdev list instead if that is more appropriate.


	P.S. I have read jep-0045 and jep-0004 but didn't see anything
relating to this there, if there is somewhere else I should have looked
please let me know.

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